It is the policy of the City of Coalinga to maintain fair and competitive pay ranges that reflect the value of the various jobs, taking into consideration the prevailing rates of pay for comparable work in local organizations, the duties and level of responsibility of each position, suggestions of department/division heads, the fiscal condition of the City and other relevant factors.

In addition to a regular bi-weekly salary, employees may receive additional pay for:

  • Out-of-Class Duties
  • Holidays
  • Stand-by
  • Longevity
  • Notary Skills
  • Bilingual Skills

The City also offers compensation based on union agreements, which may include:

  • Uniform Allowance
  • Educational Incentive
  • Training Incentive
  • Boot Allowance
  • Prescription Safety Glasses

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The City also cares very much for the well-being of each employee and their families. Therefore, a broad base of benefits was developed for the future health and security of you and your eligible dependents

Current benefits are provided by:

Blue Shield of California* 

Vision through Vision Service Plan (VSP)

Premier Access for Dental Coverage (PPO)

Standard Insurance

Horizon Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC)

CalPERS Retirement System 

*The City’s medical plan is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). This offers you and your eligible dependents the freedom to choose a plan that best suits your needs.

A brief description of the City’s excellent benefits package includes:

Health Insurance - The City provides medical, dental, vision and prescription drug insurance coverage and pays 100% of the premium for you and 65% for your eligible dependents.  Your cost depends on dependent(s) status and all premium payments are paid on a pre-tax basis.

Life Insurance - The City provides you a fully paid $50,000 life insurance policy. For a minimal cost, you may purchase additional life insurance for yourself and your dependent(s). You are also covered by accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance.

Income Protection Insurance - The City, through Standard, has contracted income protection insurance for non-work related disabilities. This disability plan provides financial protection for you by paying a portion of your income if you are disabled. The amount received is based on the amount earned before the disability began.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance benefits will be available to cover reasonably-related medical expenses and a portion of your wages if you are out of work because of a work-related injury or illness. You also have the option to use any available sick or vacation leave in combination with workers’ compensation benefits to ensure a full paycheck. Workers’ Compensation benefits are provided at no cost to you.

State Disability Insurance (SDI) is also offered to protect employees against loss of wages. Under SDI, if you are unable to work due to a non-work related injury or illness, you may be eligible to receive benefits which cover a portion of your wages during your disability, after a seven-day waiting period. The number of weeks of benefits available will depend on your eligibility under the State’s Temporary Disability Benefits Plan. You also have the option to use any available sick or vacation leave in combination with these benefits. One safety union has chosen to waive their eligibility for SDI.

Flexible Spending Account - Because of the financial burdens that un-reimbursed medical expenses and dependent care costs can impose, the City has contracted for flexible spending accounts with American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC). Under AFLAC, you can set aside tax-free dollars through payroll deduction to pay qualified out-of-pocket medical and/or dependent care expenses. Aflac also offers other policies for Cancer/Specified Diseases, Accidents, Dental, Life, Hospital Confinements, etc.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - The City understands employees need to balance their work/life and that sometimes a wide range of personal or family issues can affect an employee’s health, well-being and job performance. In the best interest of you and your family, EAP would provide confidential, voluntary, and professional assessment, short-term counseling and/or referral services.

Retirement - By including retirement benefits with the overall benefit package the City is able to assist an employee in transitioning to retirement and prepare for his/her important, yet often overlooked financial needs. 

  • The City is currently contracted with CalPERS where both the Employee and Employer make contributions to the plan.
  • You also have the option of participating in the 457 Deferred Compensation Plan with a City match of 3-6%.

Leave Benefits -

  • Holidays - The City offers 11 paid holidays per year, plus an additional eight (8) hour floating holiday that you may use any time throughout the year.
  • Vacation - Annual accrual of 80 to 200 hours (increases with longevity); annual cash-out is negotiable.
  • Sick Leave - Accrual at the rate of 12 days or 96 hours per year; annual conversion is negotiable.
  • Management Leave - 40+ hours of administrative leave per fiscal year provided to exempt management employees who are not entitled to overtime pay or compensatory time.
  • Other Leave (may include) -
    • Donated Leave
    • Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL)
    • Family Medical Leave (FMLA/CFRA)
    • Paid Family Leave (PFL)
    • Bereavement Leave
    • Military Leave
    • Witness and Jury Duty Leave
    • Unpaid Leave of Absence
    • Voting Leave
    • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Leave
    • Victims of Crime Leave
    • School Activities Leave

Disclaimer:  Some employee groups have different benefits based upon negotiated union agreements called a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Not all benefits are listed nor apply to every employee group.