Medical Cluster

Coalinga State Hospital 

Coalinga State Hospital, a psychiatric secured treatment facility, is a dominant medical provider for mental health services for the State. This State facility will retain over 1,300 health care practitioners in a workforce totaling 2,000 employees. Psychiatrists, psychologists, registered nurses, and a host of other medical personnel will be retained for this facility. Several of these health care practitioners will establish private offices, and offer their professional services to residents throughout a multi-county region. This facility was opened in 2005.

Coalinga Regional Medical Center

The City of Coalinga has a community hospital - Coalinga Regional Medical Center (CRMC), which is a medical complex providing acute care, medical laboratory, skilled nursing facilities, medical offices, and surgical facilities. This medical complex provides health services to western Fresno and Kings Counties. This community facility has several medical and health care practitioners serving the community. 

In addition to CRMC, the City has a second skilled nursing facility. A proposed long-term care and Alzheimer’s facility may also be constructed adjacent to the CRMC to expand on the continuum of health care for our community and region.

Opportunity: The City of Coalinga can be the center of regional mental health services and facilities for a multi-county region. Private practices from the 1,300 health care professionals at Coalinga State Hospital can also blossom into specialized health care services and facilities/centers (Alzheimer’s, geriatric, adolescent, etc.).

Education/Training Cluster

West Hills Community College 

West Hills Community College is another economic development engine within our community. This fully accredited two-year community college offers more than 220 courses in nearly 30 Associate Degree programs. President Willard Lewallen leads the College in Coalinga. The College has enhanced the medical and health career curriculum for residents from a multi-county area as well as international students. The curriculum includes: Psychiatric Technicians, Registered Nurse, Emergency Medical Technicians, Radiologic Technology, and Medical Terminology. West Hills Community College has campuses in Coalinga, Lemoore, and Firebaugh. Dr. Frank Gornick, Chancellor of West Hills Community College, is the leader of this nationally recognized community college.

Opportunity: Expansion of continuing training and education of health care professionals at West Hills Community College will occur. The College already has fiber optics and advanced technologies. Long-distance learning through major medical institutions will create a world-class academic environment for mental health professionals. In addition, the College has also embarked upon the “Farm of the Future”, which will be a significant resource to the Ag-Value industry cluster.

Precision Agriculture Center
Learn to use global positioning satellite system to manage crop operations. Use geographic information system software to create interwoven maps of your crop, orchard, vineyard, soil, and water. Improve crop productivity. Learn GPS equipment operation and maintenance. Farm today as the industry will in the future.

Beef Cattle Evaluation Center
Learn commercial cattle operations and herd improvement practices. Join in agricultural student enterprise program to feed and show beef, sheep and swine. Help with yearling bull test, embryo transfers, and artificial insemination. Learn holistic rang resource management.

Center for Equine Science
Bring your horse to college and learn total horse management. Train your horse as you learn the fine art of good equestrian skills, nutrition, horsemanship, business management, and judging. Learn the skills of horseshoeing. Prepare for career as groom, assistant stable manager / trainer. Farrier, and equine equipment supply salesperson.

Farm and Heavy Equipment Operation
Learn operation of tractors, backhoes, earthmovers, and motor grader and other construction equipment. Use approved equipment maintenance for your safety and long life of machinery. Learn surveying soil compaction requirements, welding, first aid and practice in the calls construction project.

Advance your rodeo skills and compete in intercollegiate rodeos. Facilities include three lighted arenas, 72 covered horse stalls with individual feeders, automatic waterers and protective shelters, storage rooms, and feed storage sheds. Practice stock is provided by one of the nation's most renowned rodeo companies.

Agribusiness Institute
Use appropriate technology to manage and market farm resources and products. Learn to use hand-held field computers and new 24 station high capacity computer lab.

Allen Farm
215 acres of agricultural student enterprise projects for hands-on experience. Almonds, row and field crops, livestock and horse facilities, and wildlife habitat. Irrigation and drainage instruction.

Campus Farm
180 acres of agricultural student enterprise projects for hands-on experience. Alfalfa, oat hay, sudan hay, cotton and pasture for you to practice learn by doing. Intercollegiate rodeo arena and corrals. Classrooms, shops, laboratories, and greenhouse.

Coalinga-Huron Unified School District

The Coalinga-Huron Unified School District has a 2007-08 CBEDS enrollment of 4,356 and employs over 500 employees. The District serves both the cities of Coalinga and Huron, and offers not only premier elementary and secondary education, but physically adjoins West Hills Community College for post secondary opportunities. The District offices are located in Coalinga. This District is under the leadership of its Superintendent of Schools Cecelia Greenberg-English, EdD.

Coalinga-Huron Library District

The Coalinga-Huron Library District serves both communities, and offers in excess of 70,000 volumes along with an extensive resource collection for our schools and local patrons. Carol Kreamer, Director of Library Services, provides leadership and a vision for outreach services to the Pleasant Valley.

Advanced Logistics & Distribution Cluster

Avenal, Coalinga, and Huron, a tri-city area, has immediate access to Interstate 5. Our three cities also bring transportation modes to attract this industry cluster. These transportation modes are:

Avenal- A major industrial park positioned along both sides of Interstate 5

Coalinga has the largest (5,000-foot runway) general aviation airport in Fresno County. Plans are underway to create an aviation-related industrial park at the Coalinga Municipal Airport. The airport can be expanded and is above the “fog belt” of the Valley.

Huron- Rail service for commercial & industrial customers

The City of Coalinga already has a 32-acre developed Industrial Park available and ready for immediate occupancy. The Park would be ideal for a distribution and manufacturing facility. West Hills College also provides curriculum and training for several job classifications needed for the Advanced Logistics and Distribution Cluster.

Opportunity: A tri-city initiative to form a multi-modal transportation hub in western Fresno County is underway. The cities of Avenal, Coalinga, and Huron have explored the potential for warehouse and distribution centers along Interstate 5.

Industry Concentration

Harris Farms

Harris Farms is one of the largest integrated farming operations in the Central San Joaquin Valley. The Harris Companies include Harris Feeding Company and Harris Ranch Inn and Restaurant, which are located along Interstate 5 in the Coalinga area.

Harris Ranch Inn

Featuring 153 Rooms, Pool, 3 Spas, dining facilities, country store and bakery, and a private airstrip. The Inn at Harris Ranch serves over 750,000 customers annually with 500 employees.

Harris Feeding Company

It starts with the modern feedlot covering nearly 800 acres with the capacity to produce 250,000 head of cattle per year. This beef is marketed across the West.

Sequoia Packing Company

Sequoia Packing Company has largest garlic packing capacity in the world. This Company processes, packages and ships thousands of tons of garlic worldwide. David Grimes is the General Manager of this joint venture with Vessey Company.

Paramount Farms-Coalinga

Paramount Farms is also a major agricultural producer/processor in the area. This Company owns or manages in excess of 3,000 acres of pistachio orchards. This major agricultural Company operates one of their facilities in the Coalinga area. This Company markets globally.

Granite Construction, Inc.

Granite Construction Company operates the Coalinga Rock and Asphalt Plant adjacent to our City. At this location, one million tons of aggregate is processed and transported annually throughout the Central Valley. The products derived from this location include: Asphalt Rubber Binder HMA, Concrete & Asphalt Demo Recycling, Crushed Stone - Sand and Gravel, Drain Rock, Fill Sands, Hot Mix Asphalt, Landscape Aggregates, Portland Cement Concrete Aggregates, Recycled Base, Recycled Hot Mix Aggregates, Rip-Rap/Stone, Stabilization Slurry Seal Aggregates.

State Prisons

Pleasant Valley State Prison and Avenal State Prison are major employers in western Kings and Fresno County. There are over 2,440 employees involved with these two facilities. In addition to their employment base, these facilities utilizing inmate labor undertake numerous community projects and services.