Water Distribution

Maintains the water system including repairing water leaks on mains and services, water meters and fire hydrants. Assists customers with shutting off valves for repairs and investigates water quality complaints.

Sanitary Sewer Collection

Maintains the sewer collection system including manholes and four (4) lift stations.

Natural Gas Distribution

Maintains the natural gas system. This includes providing safe operating procedures required by the Office of Pipeline Safety.

Things to Remember:

  • Be prepared just in case – Get to know where all of your appliance gas shutoff valves are located, including the main shutoff valve next to the gas meter. Brace your water heater adequately to prevent it from falling during an earthquake. Check the local building codes for more information.
  • Play it safe – Do not let children play around your gas appliances. They could accidentally start a stove or extinguish the pilot light, leaking gas.
  • Minimize the chance of a fire – Do not store flammable materials near any type of gas appliance or source of flame.
  • Call before you dig – if you plan on digging extensively on your property, you need to call USA North at 800-227-2600 or 811 to make sure there are no gas lines buried nearby.

In a natural gas emergency you can call 911 or the Police Department at 935-1525 at any time day or night.

If you need help re-lighting a pilot, call 935-1531 during normal business hours to schedule an appointment. This service is provided to you at no cost.


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Responsible for the maintenance of the streets, alleys and right of ways including the storm drains. Maintains street signs and pavement markings.

Ground Maintainance

Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all city owned parks, mini-parks, plots, medians, monuments and buildings landscaping.

Project Management & Inspections

Responsible for the administration, management and construction inspections of all public works projects. Provides construction inspections of improvements for private developments and assists contractors and property owners in complying with city construction standards.