Frequently Asked Questions

Sanitary Sewer Collections 

Q: Who maintains the sewer line?

A: The City maintains all sewer mains, which are located in the street or public utilities easements. Residents and business owner’s own the lateral connections to the mains, laterals typically run on the owners’ property and on streets or public areas to reach the main.  

Property owners maintain their sewer lateral line, including the connection to the public sewer main. Locating the lateral is also a property owner’s responsibility, although the City will attempt to assist by providing recorded, available information.

To find out where your sewer lateral is located, you can check with the Public Works Department by calling (559) 935-1533.

Q: What is a sewer lateral?

A: A sewer lateral (building sewer) is the privately owned and maintained sewer pipe connecting a building/dwelling to the public sewer main.

Q: I have slow drainage through my toilets, drains. What can I do about it?

A: Check to see if your neighbors are having a similar slow drainage problem. Call the City and we will check the mains. City crews will notify you if the problem is in the City main or not. If the city does not have a problem you will need to call a plumber to clean your lateral.

Q: Sewage is backing up into my house overflowing from my drains. What should I do?

A: If these problems occur and you are not using any water outlets, there may be a problem in the City main. Call 935-1533 or after business hours call 935-1525 to request service. If you are using your household water outlets, turn them off. If the overflowing wastewater stops after turning off your outlets, you likely have a problem in your sewer lateral and you will need to call a plumber.