The Coalinga Fire Department (CFD) administrative office is located at 300 W. Elm Street. Housed within Fire Station #1 are Office Assistant Megan Newton and the Officer in Charge (OIC) which is usually the captain or an engineer. The administrative department consists of the Fire Chief, Office Assistant and three captains, who all work together and assist in, and coordinate, critical department wide operations and providing service to the community.

Keith Krider, Captain

Captain Keith Krider started with Coalinga Fire Department as a Volunteer Firefighter in September 1998.  After graduating from the Fire Academy in 1999, he spent 5 seasons with Cal Fire as a Seasonal Firefighter and later was hired as an Engineer with Kings County Fire Department in 2004.  Captain Krider was hired full-time as an Engineer with Coalinga Fire Department in March 2007 and in November 2008 was promoted to Captain.  Captain Krider serves as the Department's Training Officer.

Dwayne Gabriel, Captain

Captain Dwayne Gabriel has been with CFD since January 1983. Captain Gabriel’s longevity with the CFD shows great pride and commitment to not only the fire department but his community. Captain Gabriel was promoted to Captain in 1988 and has since been in charge of the operations for the department.

Robert Long, Captain

Captain Long started with CFD as a Volunteer in September 1992 and later hired as a regular Firefighter in August 1995. Captain Long was promoted to Captain in May 2005 and is now responsible for the department’s apparatus and equipment.