Coalinga Fire Department operates out of one station in the central part of the city at 7th Street and Elm Avenue. Due to the rapid growth of the city, there is consideration for the future addition of one additional station to better serve the community.

Staffing & Shifts

The Department is staffed daily with 3 operation shifts; A, B, or C shift. Each shift consists of 2 officers; a Captain and Engineer; and 4 Firefighters (3 Firefighter/Paramedic and 1 Firefighter/EMT. Currently the Department is training all fulltime firefighters as Driver/Operators to enhance the operational flexibility of the Department. Staffing is augmented by 6 Reserves Firefighters who respond “on call” when needed.

Two ambulances are staffed full time with 1 Firefighter/EMT and 1 Firefighter/ Paramedic. Fire Apparatus are staffed with 2 Fire Officers or a Fire Officer and a Driver/Operator.


Coalinga Fire Department has in service two-1250 GPM Fire Engines, one 80’ Ladder Truck, two ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulances and two Reserves/On call ambulances. Two of our ambulances and two of our engines/truck are staffed 24 hours a day.

One engine will be replaced this year with one of the first new Fire Apparatus purchases in 17 years. This is in response to the need for replacement of an aging fleet of Emergency Fire Apparatus. This purchase will be the first step in the modernization of our fleet and will help Coalinga Fire Department better serve the community by improving our ability to provide public safety service.

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Call Volume

Over the last two years, Coalinga Fire Department has seen dramatic growth in the amount of “calls for service”. The Department answers an average of nine calls for service per day. With calls for service and other responsibilities, such as training and maintenance, the demand on personnel has grown in pace with our community.

Fire Supression

Protection of the community from fire loss is always a primary concern. Over the years, Coalinga Fire Department has consistently provided effective fire protection in every situation.

Current standard 1st alarm response to fires is one engine, one ladder truck and one ALS ambulance. This can vary depending on the availability of personnel due to ambulance responses. A general call back of all off duty personnel is also made. In addition, one engine from Pleasant Valley State Prison Fire Department also responds.

Coalinga Fire Department has an instant aid agreement with neighboring Fresno County Fire District which provides additional apparatus should they be needed. The agreement also requires Coalinga Fire Department to assist with emergencies in the County area when the city engine is able to arrive before a county engine. This agreement is beneficial to both Departments and provides better safety for local citizen and residents in the unincorporated areas immediately adjacent to Coalinga.


In addition to Fire Suppression, Coalinga Fire Department operates four ambulances and provides ALS Services to the city and over 1200 square miles of unincorporated area in Western Fresno County. This service is contracted to Coalinga Fire Department by Fresno County EMS. Two ALS ambulances are staffed and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Community Relations

The Department is active in many community oriented projects such as prevention and fundraising. Additionally, Coalinga Fire Department conducts an annual EDITH (Exit Drills in the Home) exercise at the local elementary schools to help educate kids on fire safety.


Historically, Coalinga Fire Department has always been a combination paid/volunteer organization. In the last few years, the Volunteer program has been reorganized into a Reserve Firefighter program to reflect the changing needs of the Department and community.