Utility Billing

Pay my Bill - Click Here

**Please Note: You will need your account number and last payment amount to set up your account. Please contact us at (559)935-1533 if you do not have this information readily available. 


Application for Utility Services - Click Here

**You will need: (1.) Copy of Rental Agreement (if renting) OR Copy of Buyer’s Statement (if purchasing property) (2.) 2 forms identification (Social Security Number (SSN), Identification (ID)/Driver’s License or other identification) (3.) Signed Application (Unsigned Application will not be processed.) 

Completed Applications can be submitted via: 

  • Drop Box (Located at the front of City Hall to the left of the main lobby door entrance)
  • Fax: (559)935-0995
  • E-mail: finance@coalinga.com

Services Available

City utility services include:

  • Garbage
  • Green waste collection
  • Natural gas
  • Recycling
  • Sewer
  • Street sweeping
  • Water


The Finance Department makes it easy to start or stop utility services. Utility service requests to start, transfer or stop service can be processed by speaking to a customer service representative over the counter at City Hall. Requests to start service received any time during the day will usually result in service starting the next business day.

On the window next to the payment drop box, you will find instructions for the forms and examples for how to complete the utility requests.

Once you have completed these forms, you will place them in the payment drop box. Make sure to provide an accurate telephone number.

We will be checking the drop box regularly during regular business hours and we will make contact with you via the telephone number you provide in order to provide you with the requested service.

New Service

If you are starting new service, you must present two forms of identification (Social Security Number (SSN), Identification (ID)/Driver’s License or other identification) as well as a rental agreement or ownership documentation before your service request is completed.

Terminating Service

If you are terminating service and have left Coalinga, you need to submit a letter requesting turn-off of your services, immediately or complete application for services (above) and submit with copy of driver’s license. Please provide the service address, your forwarding address, and sign your request. The letter must be submitted by the account holder. To expedite your request, you may fax your letter to 559-935-0995 to the attention of the Utility Department. We cannot process your termination until your letter or application is received.

Residential Utility Billing & Collection Policy

In accordance with new requirements as set forth in SB 998, effective June 1, 2023,  the City of Coalinga has adopted Resolution No. 4160 implementing significant changes to previous City of Coalinga utility billing and water shutoff practices.

Senate Bill No. 998