Tax Information

The following fees and taxes shall be applicable to any person or entity who hold a commercial cannabis permit within the City of Coalinga. These fees and taxes are separate from application fees.

License Fees

The City charges an annual regulatory license fee is to cover the costs of the ongoing monitoring of the Commercial Cannabis Operations. The amount of the fee has been set by a Resolution of the City Council and supported by the estimated additional costs of enforcement and monitoring associated with the Cannabis Operations. The fee shall be payable prior to certificate of occupancy and prorated to coincide with the calendar year. Thereafter, the total annual license fee will be due no later than January 1st of the following year. The fee may be amended from time to time based upon actual costs.

Revenue Raising Fee

In addition to the annual regulatory licensing fee the City charges an annual revenue-raising fee (voter-approved tax, November 8, 2016) is charged for the privilege of having the right to operate in the City. The Fee shall be payable in advance, in not less than quarterly installments, with the first quarterly payment due prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy. The second payment shall be prorated so that future payments coincide with the calendar year quarters, but in no event shall the first payment be less than the equivalent of one full quarterly payment. 

Except for the first quarterly payment, all quarterly payments shall be received by the City no later than (30) days after the end of the quarter:

  • Quarter 1 Payment Due Date: April 30th
  • Quarter 2 Payment Due Date July 31st
  • Quarter 3 Payment Due Date October 31st
  • Quarter 4 Payment Due Date January 30th


Outdoor Cultivation Tax Update

On April 7, 2022 the City Council for the City of Coalinga approved Resolution No. 4078 adopting an outdoor cultivation tax rate on Cannabis licenses to the flowing:

  • $1.00 per square foot (first (3) acres of canopy)
  • $0.75 per square foot (over initial (3) acre total canopy)