License Types PERMITTED

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Cultivation
  3. Distribution
  4. Testing Laboratories
  5. Microbusiness

“Manufacturing” or manufacturing operation” means all aspects of the extraction and/or infusion processes, including 

  • Holding
  • Packaging
  • Preparing
  • Processing
  • Storing; and
  • Labeling of cannabis products

Manufacturer (Non-Volatile)

For extractions using mechanical methods or nonvolatile solvents as defined by the MAURCSA. A licensee may also conduct infusion operations, or packaging and labeling of its own cannabis products on the licensed premises.

Manufacturer (Volatile)

For extractions using volatile solvents as defined by MAUCRSA. Licensees may also conduct extractions using nonvolatile solvents or mechanical methods on the licensed premises provided that the extraction process is noted on the application. Licensees may also conduct infusion operations on the licensed premises, provided that the infusion method is noted on the application in addition to packaging and labeling of its own cannabis products.