Approved Devices

Approved Backflow Prevention Assemblies

Any backflow prevention assembly shall be a make, model and size approved by the Public Utilities Coordinator.  The term “Approved Backflow Prevention Assembly” shall mean an assembly that has been manufactured in full conformance with the standards established by the American Water Works Association entitled: AWWA/ANSI C510-2007 Standard for Double Check Valve Backflow Prevention Assemblies; AWWA/ANSI  C511-2007  Standard for Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assemblies; and, have met completely the laboratory and field performance standard of the Foundation for  Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research of the University of Southern California (USC FCCCHR) established in: Standards of Backflow Prevention Assemblies Chapter 10 of the most current edition of the Manual of Cross-Connection Control.  Said AWWA and USC FCCCHR standards have been adopted by the (Water Commissioner or Health Official).  Final approval shall be evidenced by a “Certificate of Compliance” for the said AWWA standards; or the ap-pearance of the specific model and size on the List of Approved Backflow Prevention Assemblies published by the USC FCCCHR along with a “Certificate of Approval” for the said USC FCCCHR Standards;   issued by an approved testing laboratory. 

For further clarification, please contact the Public Utilties Coordinator.