truck and engine

Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect and serve the citizens of Coalinga through cutting edge and dedicated Fire & Rescue services, Emergency Medical Services and a robust Community Risk Reduction program through fire prevention and public education. 


Coalinga Fire Department members will always strive to be leaders in fire and life safety services through innovation and professional development. 




The Coalinga Fire Department (CFD) was established in 1903. The CFD was all volunteered until 1906, when the city hired a full-time Fire Chief. Today, the CFD is a combination department, with 20 full-time and 6 reserve personnel.

The Fire Department provides:

  • Community service
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire suppression
  • Paramedic level ambulance transport
  • Public education

Personnel & Response

The CFD personnel are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We cover the City of Coalinga; we are also the ambulance provider for almost 1,200 square miles of the west side of Fresno County.

In 2011, Coalinga Fire Department responded to over 2,500 requests for service. CFD had recently entered into an Automatic Aid Agreement with Fresno Country Fire Protection to provide better service to the City of Coalinga and the surrounding area. Preparing for future growth of the city, the department has purchased a new fire engine and a second station is in the planning stage.


The CFD runs a 3 Platoon schedule. At this time, it is a 48/96 schedule. There are 18 full-time firefighters and 2 administrative staff, the Chief and Office Assistant. Each shift has 1 Captain, 1 Engineer, 3 Firefighter/Paramedics, and 1 Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

This level of staffing allows for a two-man engine company, two permanently staffed ambulances, and by calling back off-duty personnel, a third or fourth ambulance.