Fire Prevention

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    Eric Beasley

    Division Chief
    Phone: 559-935-1652 ext. 303

Coalinga Fire Prevention Division

In order to better serve our community businesses by providing one-stop service the Coalinga Fire Prevention Division (CFPD) is located at the Coalinga Fire Station at 300 W. Elm Avenue. CFPD performs inspections for the City of Coalinga businesses to assist owners in eliminating hazards and maintaining a safe workplace. The CFPD conducts inspections of educational and multi-family residential buildings to ensure compliance with fire and life safety regulations, conducts fire investigations, and issues special permits and business licenses.

In an effort to accommodate all business owners, it is recommended that owners contact the CFPD and make arrangements ahead of time to schedule annual inspections.

The Coalinga Fire Department wishes all business owners great success with your business venture and we will remain available throughout the licensing process to assist with issues that may develop.

Fire Prevention & Inspection

Weed Abatement

Known as brush management, which is a public nuisance to enforcement for the removal of:

  • brush
  • cleaning maintenance.
  • debris
  • rubbish
  • weeds

Plan Check & Review

Begin and continue with this Division. Plans are submitted after permits are obtained and checked for code compliance. Changes or CFPD comments are made based on the California Fire Codes, International Code Council (ICC) 2007.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

The best defense is the best-prepared offenses, the best defensible structures are those equipped with automatic sprinkler protection. The fire department is preparing a city ordinance requiring new construction to comply with NFPA 13R sprinkler systems. 

Kitchen Hood Systems

The California State Fire Marshall in 1994 ordered the change-out of existing fire protection systems to the new UL300 water-based system. In February 2007, language to the law was added that required compliance by the second service in 2008. It is the intent to have all systems upgraded within this time frame. Education service to businesses is provided.

Class K Systems Extinguishers

The Class K Systems Extinguishers are designed specifically for extinguishing cooking fires and work in conjunction with the UL300 requirements. Modern cooking oils burn at a much higher temperature than lard and other fats previously used. This new cooking media holds a significant amount of heat after extinguishment, which reduces the likelihood of complete extinguishment. Class K extinguishers are designed to cool the burning cooking material as well as to extinguish it.

Smoke Detectors

All smoke detectors consist of two basic parts: a sensor to sense the smoke and a very loud electronic horn to alert people. Smoke detectors can run off of a 9-volt battery with regulated 120-volt house current to newer construction, apartment housing, and hotels. 


There is an administrative fireworks permit fee due at the time of the city business license application. Prior to the issuance of the city permit for resale, the issuance of the insurance certificate will be routed to risk management and the site address will be routed to the Coalinga Fire Prevention Division (CFPD) for respective approvals. Upon notification of their approval, our office will then issue a permit. 

This permit will then be sent to you by mail unless other arrangements have been made. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to have the permit on-site at the time of the final inspection. You will be required to contact the CFPD at 559-935-1533, ext.115 to schedule any and all inspections prior to the sale. 

All setup must be completed prior to inspections. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to be able to make any corrections the inspector may require. You will not be allowed to open the stand to the public until your stand has been inspected and the permit has been approved.

Firework Application

Application for a firework stand permit shall be submitted to the Fire Department office by June 15th of each calendar year. Any application that is received after this date will be returned without consideration, no appeal is allowed. Applications received that are incomplete will also be returned. 

For more information about the application process, please contact the City of Coalinga at 559-935-1533.