Fireman's Club


  • Ron D'Artenay, President    
  • Keith Krider, Vice President
  • Second Vice President, Todd Sigler    
  • Secretary/Treasurer, Vacant


The Coalinga Firemen’s Club (CFC) was established around the 1940s. It was made up of full-time Firefighters and Volunteer Firefighters. The CFC today currently has 24 members, which include a President, Vice President, Second Vice President, and a Secretary/Treasurer.

Sponsorship & Donations

CFC sponsors several activities during the Horned Toad Weekend including, the Annual Pancake Breakfast and the Waterfights. The Pancake Breakfast is on the Saturday of Horned Toad Derby while Waterfights are held on the following Monday. 

Since 2003, the CFC has donated all the monies generated from the breakfast to the Coalinga Firemen’s Club High School Scholarship Program. We give a $500 scholarship to one high school senior every year for college. CFC also has a 50/50 raffle during the weekend of the Derby to generate money for the High School Scholarship. 

Annual Christmas Party

The CFC during the holiday season hosts the Annual Christmas Party. We invite all of the past members of the department, families, and children to the event. Children get to see Santa, and raffles for children and adults are held along with a huge potluck. We regularly have over 100 in attendance.