Wastewater Treatment & Collections

The City of Coalinga Public Works staff operates our wastewater collections. 

This can be segmented into two parts, collections and treatment. 

Primary Treatment Plant

The wastewater treatment plant is a primary treatment plant. It can treat up to a maximum of 1.3 MGD (Million Gallons per Day) with a current daily average of 0.9 MGD and uses no chemicals to treat the waste water; utilizing a natural treatment process.

The treatment process equipment consists of a recently upgraded mechanical bar screen, and five treatment ponds.

Water Treatment truck

Furthermore, it is equipped with two effluent pumps to discharge the finished water for field irrigation and percolation. The wastewater treatment plant has a peak discharge of 27 million gallons per month.

Collection Systems

Our collection systems are by and large gravity fed straight to the wastewater facility. However, we currently operate four lift stations at various locations. These are deep wells that pump, or “lift,” wastewater to the treatment facility.

The city maintains these mainlines and conveyance systems. The resident is responsible for their lateral from their house to the mainline.