Code Enforcement

The City Council has adopted City Codes specifically designed to address public nuisances and to maintain a clean environment for all citizens in our community. The Code Enforcement Division enforces Municipal, Zoning, and Building Codes on public and private property throughout the City. Code Enforcement works to administer a fair and unbiased enforcement program, improve the overall appearance of the City, and works with residents, neighborhood associations, public service agencies, and other City departments to facilitate voluntary compliance with City codes.

Common Code Violations:

  • Illegal dumping of garbage on public or private property
  • Junk and debris, such as old furniture, car parts, appliances or other visual nuisances
  • Inoperable or abandoned vehicles on public streets and private property
  • The illegal placement of fences, located in the front yards, street side yards, abutting alleys or other public rights-of-way
  • Parking vehicles on unimproved surfaces. (Unimproved surfaces can include but are not limited to: lawn, dirt, gravel and plywood)
  • Vacant, dangerous and rundown structures
  • California Building Code Violations
  • Planning and Zoning Code Violations
  • Illegal Signage

To report a Code Enforcement violation, please submit a code enforcement complaint form. (Please be advised that all information provided to the Code Enforcement Department shall remain confidential.)

Once a complaint is filed, code enforcement staff will visit the site and confirm that a code violation is present. Then we may send a Notice of Violation to the property owners or issue a citation. The owners have a set amount of time to correct the violation. If property owners do not comply, the Code Enforcement Department will issue an infraction citation and/or abate the violation depending on the situation.