Current Planning Projects

150 S. Hachman Subdivision Map, General Plan Amendment and Re-Zoning (CDA 17-01)

The project site is located at 150 South Hachman Street in the City of Coalinga. The site is approximately 0.57-acre and contains three existing residential units totaling 2,910 square feet (s.f.) with 960 s.f. of paved walkways/driveways. The proposed project would include the subdivision of the parcel into five, 5,000-s.f. parcels for future residential development. The proposed project would not include the development or redevelopment of the site at this time, and all existing on-site structures would remain until future development plans are submitted to the City.

The current Coalinga General Plan land use designation for the site is Mixed-Use and the site is zoned Mixed-Use (MX). The proposed project requires approval of a General Plan Amendment from Mixed-Use to Residential Medium Density (RMD) and a Rezone from MX to Residential Medium Density (RMD). Approval of a Tentative Subdivision Map is also required for the proposed project.