Distribution Flushing

hydrant with water being released.

As many of you know the City of Coalinga uses chloramines as a disinfectant to ensure the safety and quality of our drinking water throughout the distribution system. When chloramines are used in a distribution system as a secondary disinfectant, it becomes important to flush and clean slow-moving and dead-end pipelines more frequently to prevent nitrification- related problems, and or taste and odor issues from developing. The City of Coalinga currently maintains a routine quarterly flushing program and also spot flushes when necessary to prevent these problems from occurring. Although this practice seems very wasteful, it is a necessary to ensure the quality for the consumer and it is a requirement by the State Water Resource Control Board.

Although a Stage II water conservation is in effect, we will continue to engage in these practices, to ensure the health and safety of the citizens of the community and to continue to provide a safe and reliable source of drinking water to the public.


The City is currently investigating methods to reuse this water in various ways.  We have been contacting local agencies and contractors in order to establish relationships.  The goal is to be able to put as much of this water to use as possible rather than just send it down the street.  Many agencies have requirements to control dust or have uses where this water may be beneficial.

We are also working with the Fire Department to use this water to irrigate local parks and public spaces through use of their fire engines.

These methods may not always be practical.  In order to ensure that our water is safe and clean, flushing must occur.  If you wish to be notified when these events are occurring, please sign up to be notified through our notification system seen below.

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