2020 UWMP and WSCP

Public Hearing Notice

Notice of Public Hearing for City of Coalinga 2020 Urban Water Management Plan

In accordance with the Urban Water Management Planning Act (California Water Code Sections 10610 to 10657), urban water suppliers are required to prepare an Urban Water Management Plan and update it every five years. The City of Coalinga (City) has prepared its 2020 UWMP and 2020 Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP), which are now both available for public review.

 The City Council will hold a public hearing to receive and consider input regarding the proposed 2020 UWMP and WSCP. The public hearing will be held on February 17, 2022, at 6 pm during the City Council Meeting at City Hall.

What is an Urban Water Management Plan

Urban Water Management Plans (UWMPs) are prepared by urban water suppliers every five years. These plans support the suppliers' long-term resource planning to ensure that adequate water supplies are available to meet existing and future water needs.

What is a Water Shortage Contingency Plan

Water Shortage Contingency Plans (WSCPs) are a guide for water purveyors intended actions during water shortage conditions. It is meant to improve preparedness for droughts and other impacts on water supplies by describing the process used to address varying degrees of water shortages.