Speed Hump Program

About the Program

The speed hump program is designed to give Coalinga residents the ability to have traffic control devices installed in their local neighborhoods.  There is a detailed process described in the Speed Hump Guidelines document linked below in the related documents section.

This program is being implemented for residential collector streets, at or below 30 mph and with only one travel lane in each direction. Collector streets could be treated with speed humps pending Fire Department approval. Such streets may require the installation of a “speed cushion”.

Speed humps and tables serve to reduce vehicular speeds as well as reduce cut-through traffic on local residential streets. Both effects are realized when speed humps are installed on a street.

The application of speed humps and tables are limited to streets where geometric configuration or design fails to passively deter many drivers from exceeding the speed limit or from using the streets as bypass routes. The proper application of speed humps enhances public safety.

What are Speed Humps

Speed humps are typically paved, but may be constructed of durable rubber, and are approximately 3-4 inches high at their center and extend the full width of the street. Speed humps should not be confused with a speed "bump" that is often found in mall parking lots. Speed bumps are generally more aggressive and may cause excessive jolts to the motorist. Whereas the traditional 12-foot hump has a design speed of 15 to 20 mph and is much less jolting to motorists moving at the appropriate speed.

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