Turf Replacement Program


Program Description

The City of Coalinga has successfully secured grant funding from the Department of Water Resources for a Turf Replacement Program. In the face of a severe drought and consequent water restrictions, the landscapes within the City of Coalinga have suffered immensely, particularly affecting residential areas. To address this pressing issue, the program aims to convert a total of 500 landscapes for city residents. These transformed landscapes will feature "drought-tolerant" plants and follow the principles of xeriscape best practices. The primary objective is not only to achieve significant water savings but also to create aesthetically pleasing and easily maintainable landscapes even during drought years.

About Xeriscape Design

Xeriscape doesn't have to mean rocks and cactus.  There are a plethora of hardy plants that are drought tolerant and take very little water once established.

Check out this article.  It provides some good examples as well.


About Artificial Turf

Unfortunately artificial turf will not be an allowed reimbursable expense as a part of this program, due to requirements of the grant funds.  This does not mean that it cannot be a part of your project.  If you choose to include it, it will not count towards reimbursable square footage.

With that in mind, Artificial turf can be a good alternative to suit your needs.  However, please be aware that it is not always the best solution for any given scenario.  It also has its own list of installation best practices and care requirements.  Consider professional advice when installing or pursue a qualified contractor to complete the work for you.


To begin the process you must first apply.  However, please make yourself aware of the general guidelines by reading further below.

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General Requirements

  • Must replace living turf or outdoor water surface
  • Front/Back/Side Yard
  • Single Family Residential
  • Homeowner/Written Consent From Landlord

Irrigation System

  • Not required, but strongly recommended.

Plant Requirements

Plant Finding Resource

While there are other resources to help find and design a xeric style garden, the above listed website is very well suited to the task.  Please be sure to check with local nurseries as well.

The plants used in the conversion must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be indicated that the plant is drought tolerant
  • The mature size of the plants must make up a minimum of 50% of the conversion.
  • While not required, plants with a heat/hardiness index of 7 or greater will generally do better than those with a lower index.  For reference, Coalinga has an index of 9b.


  • The amount of rock or mulch should not exceed 50% of the conversion.
  • No more than 50% of your entire front/side yard is allowed to be a non-permeable surface such as concrete or paving stones.  Should you wish to add non-permeable surfaces in your front/side yard as a part of the conversion, please be aware of this requirement.
  • Back yards can use any amount of non-permeable surface, but cannot exceed 50% of the conversion.

Rebate Opportunities

  • Turf Replacement(drought tolerant plants) – $2.00/sqft ($2000 max)
  • Micro-drip Irrigation Retrofit (Valve + Pressure Red.+ System)-- $50.00 + $0.50/ft ($500 max)
  • Programmable Irrigation Controller (S.M.A.R.T. controllers preferred) -- $100
  • Max Total Benefit Cannot Exceed – $2600.

The city will not be responsible for reimbursing any money outside of the bounds given above.  Any funds that exceed your identified rebate amount will be entirely the homeowners responsibility.

Program Event Outline

To become a part of the program, first you must apply.  This indicates to the City, your interest in the program.  The application can be found at the top of the page.  Please be aware that this is a pilot program, and is being operated on a first come first serve basis.  Any applicants that go beyond the 10 person maximum will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which they were received

Below outlines a rough series of events that will unfold during the process of the program.

Pre-Inspection Phase

  • Measure turf area
  • Verify it meets “General Requirements”

Planning Phase

  • Simple drawing *hand drawn illustration is acceptable
  • Plant Coverage Worksheet
  • Hardscape Worksheet
  • Irrigation Worksheet

Work Phase

  • 120 will be given to complete work

Post Inspection Phase

  • Pass/Fail
  • 30 days for compliance
  • Disperse funds