Business License Inspection Program

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Business Fire Inspections

All businesses in Coalinga are required to meet and be inspected annually for, fire and life safety requirements adopted by the State of California and the City of Coalinga. All state-regulated buildings--schools, adult care facilities, childcare facilities, apartments, and hotels--are also inspected annually.

New businesses are required to be inspected prior to opening as a condition of obtaining their business license from the City. Businesses are to be set up as ready for normal business for their initial inspection with the fire department. This inspection is to help prevent fires in the first place, and to ensure that the operation of the business and the building housing it will be safe for employees, patrons, and fire department personnel in the unfortunate event of a life safety emergency.

After the initial inspection and completion of all needed repairs, each business will be placed on an annual inspection cycle. These annual inspections are to ensure that the level of fire safety and compliance with the California Fire Code is maintained from year to year. The Coalinga City Council has also instituted a $109 fee for cost recovery for the annual inspection. This fee is waived for new businesses in the first year but is required in subsequent years. The Coalinga Fire Prevention Bureau does not have the authority to waive these fees as they have been put in place by the Coalinga City Council. If you cannot pay the entire fee at the inspection completion, you may make payments within the 12-month period prior to the next inspection.

Fire Inspection Program Benefits

The benefit of the program goes without saying. It reduces the likelihood of fires and unsafe working conditions for employers, employees, patrons, the Fire Department, and the community as a whole. It reduces liability risks for all parties involved and ensures that all local, state, and federal regulations are in compliance. Additionally, over the course of the next ISO evaluation, we anticipate raising our rating to a Class II department. This will result in lower property insurance rates for the citizens of Coalinga.

We encourage all businesses to review the Self-Inspection Form, downloadable at right. It contains general information on what the fire department requires from businesses to comply with life safety standards.

Other Information Your Business May Need to Know

Depending on the type of business and the operations being conducted on-site, some of the following will be useful for you to be aware of:

• Operational Permits

Operational Permits are required by the state fire marshal for all operations that increase the risk for residents and workers. A list of the types of permits required and the associated fees is in the current fee schedule.

• Plans Review

Plans must be submitted to the fire department and the building department for new construction or modifications that increase space over 3,000 or change the building use. Plans will normally be reviewed within 15 days if they do not have to be evaluated by an outside contractor. See the current fee schedule for specific costs for your project.

• Hazardous Materials Storage

Coalinga Fire Department coordinates hazardous materials inspections with Fresno County’s Office of Environmental Health. Each business using hazardous materials must file a Hazardous Materials Business Plan with Fresno County. For current requirements, please consult the latest edition of the California Fire Code. If you wish to discuss your specific situation, please contact Fresno County Environmental Health/CUPA at (559)600-3271. [Go to the CUPA website]

• Pre-Fire Plans

Some facilities are required by the fire code to provide the fire department a pre-fire plan to assist us in mitigating emergencies at your business. These plans help us develop strategies to ensure your employees are evacuated quickly and your business will be able to reopen with minimal delay if you have an incident. Please contact our office at 559-935-1652 ext. 303 so we can provide the information to include in your plan.