Drought Water Conservation EMERGENCY

On July 1 in response to the current drought in California, 2021 The Coalinga City Council adopted Resolution No. 4037. The resolution proclaims a water conservation emergency and therein establishes emergency drought charges for the next three billing cycles; July, August, and September.

The proclamation can be see by visiting the link below.

Drought Water Conservation Emergency Proclamation

All water users are being asked to conserve by the following amounts:

All Residential water users are asked to conserve 30%

All Landscape water users are asked to conserve 30%

All Multi-Family water users are asked to conserve 25%

All Commercial & Industrial users are asked to conserve 20%

Failure to reach these conservation goals may result in "Drought Charges".  Information about drought charges can be found on the Drought Charge page.  If you have questions or concerns, we urge you to contact City Hall @ 935-1533 for more information.

Each water account will receive a letter from the City of Coalinga indicating their usage and respective conservation goal.  That letter will look similar to what is shown below.