What are the photo requirements?

An official military photo is required to be scanned and sent in electronically at 150 dpi at 100 %. If you are unsure how to accomplish this, please take the photo into a printing company and they can scan the photo for you at the required resolution. Hardcopy photos will not be accepted.

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1. What if I am from Coalinga, but now live somewhere else? Can I still participate?
2. What branches of the military are included in the Program?
3. What is the deadline for submitting the application and payment?
4. What if I live out of Coalinga, in the county, or nearby community? Can I still participate?
5. How do I provide verification for Active Duty and/or Veteran status? What if I cannot locate the DD214?
6. What are the photo requirements?
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11. Does the City of Coalinga cover the cost of banner for any veterans?